Beste Eigenschaften



At FalkenOhr, our promise of quality is our bond. And every single piece we create lives up to that promise.

The materials and components for each piece of FalkenOhr Klangmöbel are provided by suppliers that are leaders in their field. Most of the hardware elements—even the LED modules—are manufactured in Austria. And most of them by regional specialists with short shipping routes to the FalkenOhr workshop in Vorchdorf. Each piece of FalkenOhr Klangmöbel is painstakingly crafted and assembled by hand in Austria’s world-famous Salzkammergut. Founder and developer-in-chief Robert Mayr personally tests and certifies every product that leaves his workshop. And he puts his signature on it.

If there’s a way to do it better … find it.”

(Thomas Alva Edison)