Consummate Listening Pleasure

Your audio components look as great as they sound when they’re showcased in our Klangmöbel.

At last, FalkenOhr provides high-end high-fidelity equipment with the setting it deserves.

One in which everything about it—materials, design, special fittings—does justice to what’s inside. That’s because FalkenOhr knows how to get the utmost out of your setup and the acoustic possibilities of every system. With massive hardware, maximum rigidity, and a sophisticated approach to eliminating micro-vibrations, FalkenOhr takes auditory experience to the next level.

We are totally committed to the ultimate in quality and leading-edge technology.

Our extraordinary Klangmöbel is crafted, assembled and tested by hand in Austria’s spectacularly beautiful Salzkammergut region.

“Music has the power to put us totally in touch with ourselves.”

(Robert Mayr)